Susanna Green is a genie of healing. She has sublime empathic skills and a deep and subtle knowledge of the body, how it holds pain, how to release it, how to relax it. She is uncannily attuned to the particular needs of your body, intuitively finding which muscle is stressed, which joint is tight, where energy is blocked; she will hone in on it without your having uttered a word. A session with Susanna is a singular experience of calm and restoration; one feels peaceful and invigorated all at once. I can’t recommend her highly enough.                             

-Deborah Schneider, Literary Agent


Susanna has such rare qualities— an intuitive sense of where to lay hands and a deep level of understanding of traditional therapies so that she can adjust and adapt to the “me” that walks in the door each time. She never just goes through the motions. She brings positive, fresh energy to each session and I always feel that she gives her undivided attention and care to what she’s doing. The results are otherworldly and transformative. I also appreciate her lightheartedness, kindness, and amazing listening skills. She’s really a gem and people are lucky to make a connection with her.

– NJ, Writer


Without question, Susanna’s massage goes beyond physical relief. Mentally, you are brought to a state of calm and peace after just 15 minutes on her table. Her hands guide your muscles to loosen and untie themselves, every pressure point she touches corresponding to an organ of the body.  You are in healing hands when you book a massage with Susanna Green.

C Herr, Caterer

Susanna’s massages offer deeply skilled maneuverings and truly healing energies. I wish many could benefit from her caring touch as much as I have.

Tulku Thondup

Susanna Green’s very presence as well as her masterful massage can bring immediate relief. I was so fortunate to receive Susanna’s generous care when I found myself immobilized one day, unable to walk and in excruciating pain. I barely had breath to talk. Her artfulness was literally uplifting and I was able to walk without pain after our session. Susanna has been graced by the wisdom teachings and soothing energy of meditation masters in the Buddhist tradition. That grace suffuses her practice, Intelligent Hands. Five stars ***** Ani Bhadri, NYC